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  • Business registration in Canada

(1) What is the difference between Provincial and Federal incorporation in Canada?

(2) Advantages and Disadvantages for Federal incorporation?

(3) Advantages and Disadvantages for Ontario incorporation?

(4) What is a numbered incorporation?

(5) Why a NUANS (name search report) required for incorporation?

  • Personal tax

(1) What are the personal income tax rates in Canada for 2014?

(2) Who has to pay personal income tax in Canada?

(3) What income are not taxed?

(4) What employment expenses are deducted?

(5) Do I have to file my income tax without income?

  • Self-employeed and Corporation tax

(1) What is corporation tax rates in Canada?

(2) What is self-employeed tax rates in Canada?

(3) Differences between self-employeed and incorporated?

(4) Should I incorporate my company?

(5) Are there more paper works if my company incorporated?

  • WSIB

(1) Who has to register WSIB? Optional for owners and executives?

(2) How does WSIB work?

(3) How do I claim WSIB?

(4) What the benefits WSIB covered?

(5) 2014 WSIB premium rates?

  • EI&ROE

(1) How do I apply EI

(2) What is EI rate in 2010-2015?

(3) What is ROE?

(4) How many hours or weeks of work do I need to qualify for Employment Insurance?

(5) Are self-employed people eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) special benefits?




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